Swim Lessons


Safety Penn Training offers Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons in addition to Group Swim Lessons in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.  


All skill levels are taught. Students will get an increase in the confidence and ability in the water. 


  • ✔ We work to make all participants satisfied

  • ✔ We specialized in 'Muscle Memory' Teaching Techniques for Fast Results

  • ✔ Flexible Schedules - Start & Stop Lessons Any Time

  • ✔ Private swim lessons are 1-to-1 ratios

  • ✔ Semi-Private swim lessons are 3-to-1 ratios

  • ✔ Group swim lessons are 6-to-1 ratios

  • ✔ Make Up Lessons Offered for Private and Semi-Private lessons


See the link below for more information on At Home, Private, Semi-Private or Group swim lessons.


My son has been taking swimming lessons for 3 weeks now and he simply loves it! His instructor is wonderful, very gentle and very positive about my son's achievements! He makes him feel very special! My son has improved not only his swimming skills but also he has grown his self esteem stronger! The team is very nice and helpful! Regarding, the Covid situation, I feel really safe taking my child to swimming lessons at Wills Park. They do an excellent job at keeping it safe and clean! We'll keep going all summer! 

Aurelie L.

Alpharetta, GA




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