About Us

Safety Penn Training is a Red Cross Licensed Training Provider offering a wide range of training and certified classes  within Georgia and throughout the United States. 

Safety Penn Training is led by Adam Penn. Adam has a Master's degree in Sports Administration from Georgia State University with a B.A. degree in Business Administration from Valdosta State University.

From 2011-2018 Adam filled the roll of coordinator of Aquatics and Risk Management at George State University where he oversaw the facility and personal management for the University which has a student body of 42,000 students. 

Adam's experience managing health and water safety programs has helped to build the Safety Penn Training company into a professional organization. We approach the responsibility of being a Red Cross licensed training provider in a professional and personal manner in addition to investing in the community and the lives of the people who attend our classes, certifications and trainings. 

IWe can help 

In a technologically based world it is easy to forget about people. We rely on technology for almost everything, including getting help in an emergency.  We focus on recognizing emergencies, developing a plan of action, and providing care until help arrives. 

Tailored to your needs

We take the time to identify the needs of your staff and make sure the training fits. We offer over 10 certification paths that can be 

personalized to fit your specific environment and staff needs. 




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